5 Best Security Cameras 2015 : Lorex to Svat

Home security system has become the custom for many people all over the world. A good security system may include just an ordinary alarm, but the inclusion of cameras adds a huge deterrent to intruders.

People monitor their residence security in many ways. A number of wireless gadgets can be used for house surveillance, including a smartphone, computer and many others.

Security Cameras

However, a proficiently installed home security camera is needed to keep track of what is happening in both the outside and inside of a house. Let’s take look at best security cameras in 2015

1. Lorex LH014501C4F Vantage 4-Channel DVR

Lorex security system is ideal for both business and home. It is good for business because you can connect the cameras to more than one monitor and thus keep an eye on what is happening when you are in the office or even at the cash desk.

Lorex LH014501C4F Vantage

The cameras can be fixed both outside and inside your house or office, but you should remember that they are water proof and not water resistant.

Lorex system is not wireless, thus there is less chance of the signal being interrupted and you can watch live footage from a MAC, Smartphone or PC. I like Lorex system due to its huge memory. It has a hard drive of 500GB with the option of expanding to 1TB.

2. Samsung SmartCam

Samsung SmartCamSamsung SmartCam is one of the best security cameras in the market. It offers high resolution footage recoding, including video taken at night. This is achieved through the use of invisible infrared light, thus allowing for discreet night monitoring.

Samsung SamrtCam setup is simple and is easily synced with the router for auto connection with the house network system. This is what distributes the camera’s recorded footage to all network connected gadgets.

People love Samsung SmartCam because there is no need to install any software and they can open SmartCam account to view real time footage.

3. Defender PX301

If you are searching for a professional CCTV camera system, this is not the answer – they are usually wired. However, if you need to protect the areas around your house like the front, back and the drive way entrances during the day and at night, this is the camera to go for.

Defender PX301

It is very easy to set up with camera and automatic DVR connection which means that there is no need for configuring it. You can control the system remotely and choose from one to two cameras, with the option to expand to four.

4. Swann SWDVK-825508

This is a multiple camera unit which records surveillance data to its’ large DVR’s 500 gigabyte hard drive for 3-4 months at a time. There are 8 channels for each of the 8 weatherproof cameras with infrared night image viewing range of fifty feet.

Every camera has 420TVL resolution that produces crystal clear images to any computer, iPod, smartphone or TV connected to the SwannView App. It automatically connects to any network in a home thus making the initial installation easy.

5. SVAT CV502-4CH-002

You get four cameras and a five hundred GB hard drive with this system. You can view the footage remotely; your cameras are weatherproof and have great night vision. This four camera security system is the best security camera system you will ever come across especially if you do not have a lot of knowledge in IT.

SVAT CV502-4CH-002

Its tutorials are magnificent as they come in form of coaching menu. This takes you through all that you need to know even if you are a novice. System setup is one of the simplest you will ever come across and it’s wonderful for both commercial and residential security.

Spy Camera Glasses, Watch and Lipstick Cameras

In a fairly recent film remake the main character wears some of dark shades with a camera embedded in it. The main character uses this camera to shoot images and send them. Who’d have ever believed this would not be impossible?

Spy Camera Glasses

spy camera watchAs a result of technology’s ability to emulate the films many envisioned apparatus like these happen to be made a fact. Buying spy camera glasses like these can make surveillance tools that are excellent in which they seem completely innocuous.

No one guesses that the eye wear may really comprise a miniature camera which is effective at shooting videos or images. Spy camera watch is Incredibly lightweight and readily concealed.

These glasses are extremely unlikely to be found with no wires to give away their existence. As with the spy camera pens when you want to buy some, you should ensure to get some that have a battery life that is long and will shoot high-quality images.

spy camera Glasses

In addition, you must recall when you get some of these which are effective at transmitting the transmitter must be within 18″ of the glasses so that you can get the sign. These glasses can be quite pricey so you may want to contemplate if it is an expense that you will be willing to pay.

Pinhole camera

pinhole cameraIf the tie camera, or the pen, the glasses will not be appropriate for you afterward you have many alternatives. Your spy camera doesn’t have to be one which you carry in your man. It can be what’s called a pinhole camera.

These kinds of cameras are not incredibly large and may be concealed anywhere within an area. In the flowerpot near a desk into a bookcase, everywhere the camera combinations in the finest can make the right selection. These cameras also can be tied into a motion detector to ensure that they just start after their sensor was tripped to record.

Cigarette lighter cameras

cigarette lighter camerasFrom cigarette lighter cameras a world are of distinct uses where a spy cam will be convenient. For the women who are working in surveil there are some choices too. For the woman who’s not attractiveness unconscious there are compact cameras that take the camera along with her favorite powder make-up.

Lipstick cameras

spy camera lipstickIn addition, there are lipstick cameras to buy too. If you would like to try and conceal the camera in plain sight in your individual then you should attempt something like a belt buckle camera that is loud.

You can also conceal one. The options are infinite as to where you can put a spy camera glasses. Just ensure it is within an inconspicuous area so you may not be discovered.