Wireless Security Camera vs. Wired Camera

Wouldn’t it be great to live in world without wires? With all the current pace where technology is advancing we might adequately be near losing our tech tethers forever, especially in terms of the wireless charging of devices.

security camerasHowever, when the wireless vs wired debate reaches the field of video surveillance and security cameras, the wireless option would be not the slam-dunk choice as it seems.

It’s slowly becoming one of our most regularly asked questions about surveillance cameras.

With additional sensitive information being transmitted over camera systems, as well as limits with current wireless camera technology there are many items to cover in this particular debate. Here’s the breakdown of wireless cameras vs wired security cameras.

Wireless security cameras

The main advantage of wireless surveillance cameras is the simplicity of installation. Without having to send information via a connecting cable or wire, the sole issue is choosing a power source.

wireless security cameras
wireless security cameras

This raises one point which is often overlooked with regards to wireless cameras: despite its called wireless, you’ll still need a wire to power it!

So, unless you anticipate putting your wireless surveillance cameras near to electrical outlets, you’ll still face the process of routing a wire to your source of energy. Essentially you’ll be letting your electrical socket dictate where your cameras will go, instead of placing them to offer you the best vantage of your home or business.

Another con with wireless cameras is reliability and quality. Despite wireless camera technology improving at a rapid pace, still it can’t quite give you the high standard and reliability that wired solutions can.

Wired security cameras

For fixed installations, always go wired. Remember that a wireless camera needs electricity. Having to run power cabling means you save nothing in installation complexity. If regulations forces conduit installs, it could be worse in reality.

Is several times more reliable compared to a wireless camera system, the tried and tested wired security camera system provides a top quality video feed and furthermore, as it doesn’t possess wireless interference to handle.

wired security cameras
wired security cameras

Also, you’ll won’t need to bother about finding a power source near your cameras; the wire that is ran to each camera both provides capacity to the camera and relays the recording feed to a secured source of energy and DVR or NVR.

Regarding routing the cables, (which, as we mentioned previously, you’ll have to deal with in any event) it can be a real pain because you’ll need to get into the each of the cracks and crevasses of your property or business to be able to fish them back to a primary source of energy. That is certainly, of course, unless you do have a quality security company in Charleston to help you out.

The Choice

Two of the things you’ll want to find is quality and reliability in the event you need some support using security camera system. If the camera system wasn’t recording or the feed was disrupted, or some other criminal event happens you need some expert from the manufacture to have a look at the system.

wifi security camera system

While there are a few great, innovative wireless security cameras becoming available on the market, there’s just no beating a wired security camera solution in terms of quality and reliability in the end.

Surveillance Cameras Basics

According to the options selected from the homeowner the prices can vary wildly.

surveillance cameras costsFor instance, software can be entirely cost-free and enable the user to rely on the organization site to sign in and find out exactly what the video surveillance method is recording.

Alternately, you can find high-priced packages that ask the user to manually configure cameras for the PC or Mac and definitely will then make use of the home network for advanced remote operation through a mobile phone or laptop computer. The normal prices for “pro” versions of software, however, stand at $75, with many asking annual membership fees.

DVR or NAS system

If the homeowner invests inside a DVR or NAS, the information recorded through the cameras can also be retained permanently. The NAS is a selection of hard drives that may store the hours of footage, and provide up to 4TB of memory. The normal NAS will definitely cost $499 and is the ideal choice for IP camera surveillance.

DVR security system

Where costs vary most dramatically and however, is incorporated in the price of the cameras. And the most high-quality models will reach around $950, based on Popular Mechanics the least expensive options will definitely cost around $100.

The differences between them include the opportunity..

  • to pan, tilt and zoom,
  • to perform microphone and audio out jacks, and
  • WiFi functionality without using the PC.

Opting to rely on full-featured video surveillance cameras would mean that the homeowner who checked in via a browser and saw neighborhood children playing close to the backyard pool could activate the microphone and provide them a verbal warning to go out of the premises!

Wireless sensors which detect motion, sound etc

If cameras include wireless sensors their prices can climb even higher. As an example, there are some units having the ability to detect motion, sound, and also temperature fluctuations.

wireless motion sensor

They are also usually “smarter” cameras that will begin recording when an event is detected and that can also send images or alerts by way of a LAN (neighborhood network) connection in the way the owner requested.

For instance, a motion sensor that detects movement in a back door might trigger a mobile phone call to the homeowner, as well as send a picture file depicting the celebration. The starting price for cameras with this type is $280

What does a video surveillance system require?

Software placed on a dedicated or home PC; A USB receiver plugged into an available outlet; Wireless surveillance cameras mounted in every appropriate locations; and Network-attached storage (NAS) devices or a DVR.

A summary in the fees

  • Price of 2 cameras having an LCD monitor: $450;
  • NAS equipment with 1 TB of memory: $168; and
  • Installation fees of four hours with licensed electrician: Between $260 and $340.

How Burglars Get In the House : 6 Most Common Ways

You might not know about how simple it can be for any burglar to get into your home. There are also several surprisingly easy entry points burglars are able to use to gain entrance, even though some are obvious. Here are six entry points you can examine at home to ensure they’re secure:

1. Doors

doors burglerBurglars often gain entry through unsecured doors, using screwdrivers or crowbars to get rid of through. Also, some doors, like interior and exterior garage doors, might be unlocked, rendering it much too easier for burglars to get in.

Doors generally speaking may be kicked open, so you may also consider installing kick-resistant doors.

Lastly, be sure you lock your doors, and keep in mind that knob locks are easily opened using credit cards, so you need to have deadbolt locks.

2. Sliding doors

COPS(Community Oriented Policing Services) states that along with unsecured standard doors, unsecured sliding doors are ways thieves access a home. Heavy rods in sliding glass door tracks prevent these sorts of doors from opening. You may also have a professional install mechanisms to stop tampering, in addition to screws to maintain frames and doors securely in position.

3. Windows

Windows could be broken by burglars with rocks or any other heavy objects. Some windows, such as basement windows, are often left unlocked, which makes it even easier for burglars to break in.

window breaking

Make sure to lock your windows, and try to keep the yard free from heavy bricks and rocks. You may also install break-resistant glass or mechanisms to decrease gaps between the window along with its track.

4. Dog Doors

dog doorsAccording to NACHI, dog doors can be used by burglars either to enter homes or to access to the door lock.

If you must have one, it needs to be as small as possible and installed far enough from your door’s lock.

Consider installing an electric powered dog door, which only opens once the pet?fs collar (designed with a signaling device) comes nearby the door. It also keeps stray animals out, although not only does the doorway keep burglars out.

5. Large shrubbery

The large, ornamental shrubbery you might have facing your home can be quite a place for burglars to cover. The recommended height for shrubbery is no more than the foot of the initial-floor window sills. You don?ft wish to inadvertently provide cover for burglars.

6. Air Conditioner Units

Window air conditioner units might lead to a burglar entering your home because of the window being open and unsecured, based on the San Francisco Chronicle. So that you can deter burglars, install an aura conditioner bracket towards the away from the unit, which supports the system and attaches the base of the unit to the home.

air conditioner units

As a result the system harder to eliminate. A sliding window lock should also be positioned on either side from the window frame, which ensures you keep burglars from sliding your window open. Finally, consider installing a window sensor alarm that will help alert you if somebody is trying to make use of your window as being an entry way.

Go for a walk around your property and consider the methods a burglar might try to get in. Make sure to consider every opening to your property as being a potential target for burglars. Does your property have other unsecured entry points that aren’t on this list?

5 Best Security Cameras 2016 : Lorex to Svat

Home security system has become the custom for many people all over the world. A good security system may include just an ordinary alarm, but the inclusion of cameras adds a huge deterrent to intruders.

People monitor their residence security in many ways. A number of wireless gadgets can be used for house surveillance, including a smartphone, computer and many others.

Security Cameras

However, a proficiently installed home security camera is needed to keep track of what is happening in both the outside and inside of a house. Let’s take look at best security cameras in 2016

1. Lorex LH014501C4F Vantage 4-Channel DVR

Lorex security system is ideal for both business and home. It is good for business because you can connect the cameras to more than one monitor and thus keep an eye on what is happening when you are in the office or even at the cash desk.

Lorex LH014501C4F Vantage

The cameras can be fixed both outside and inside your house or office, but you should remember that they are water proof and not water resistant.

Lorex system is not wireless, thus there is less chance of the signal being interrupted and you can watch live footage from a MAC, Smartphone or PC. I like Lorex system due to its huge memory. It has a hard drive of 500GB with the option of expanding to 1TB.

2. Samsung SmartCam

Samsung SmartCamSamsung SmartCam is one of the best security cameras in the market. It offers high resolution footage recoding, including video taken at night. This is achieved through the use of invisible infrared light, thus allowing for discreet night monitoring.

Samsung SamrtCam setup is simple and is easily synced with the router for auto connection with the house network system. This is what distributes the camera’s recorded footage to all network connected gadgets.

People love Samsung SmartCam because there is no need to install any software and they can open SmartCam account to view real time footage.

3. Defender PX301

If you are searching for a professional CCTV camera system, this is not the answer – they are usually wired. However, if you need to protect the areas around your house like the front, back and the drive way entrances during the day and at night, this is the camera to go for.

Defender PX301

It is very easy to set up with camera and automatic DVR connection which means that there is no need for configuring it. You can control the system remotely and choose from one to two cameras, with the option to expand to four.

4. Swann SWDVK-825508

This is a multiple camera unit which records surveillance data to its’ large DVR’s 500 gigabyte hard drive for 3-4 months at a time. There are 8 channels for each of the 8 weatherproof cameras with infrared night image viewing range of fifty feet.

Every camera has 420TVL resolution that produces crystal clear images to any computer, iPod, smartphone or TV connected to the SwannView App. It automatically connects to any network in a home thus making the initial installation easy.

5. SVAT CV502-4CH-002

You get four cameras and a five hundred GB hard drive with this system. You can view the footage remotely; your cameras are weatherproof and have great night vision. This four camera security system is the best security camera system you will ever come across especially if you do not have a lot of knowledge in IT.

SVAT CV502-4CH-002

Its tutorials are magnificent as they come in form of coaching menu. This takes you through all that you need to know even if you are a novice. System setup is one of the simplest you will ever come across and it’s wonderful for both commercial and residential security.