Wireless Security Camera vs. Wired Camera

Wouldn’t it be great to live in world without wires? With all the current pace where technology is advancing we might adequately be near losing our tech tethers forever, especially in terms of the wireless charging of devices.

security camerasHowever, when the wireless vs wired debate reaches the field of video surveillance and security cameras, the wireless option would be not the slam-dunk choice as it seems.

It’s slowly becoming one of our most regularly asked questions about surveillance cameras.

With additional sensitive information being transmitted over camera systems, as well as limits with current wireless camera technology there are many items to cover in this particular debate. Here’s the breakdown of wireless cameras vs wired security cameras.

Wireless security cameras

The main advantage of wireless surveillance cameras is the simplicity of installation. Without having to send information via a connecting cable or wire, the sole issue is choosing a power source.

wireless security cameras
wireless security cameras

This raises one point which is often overlooked with regards to wireless cameras: despite its called wireless, you’ll still need a wire to power it!

So, unless you anticipate putting your wireless surveillance cameras near to electrical outlets, you’ll still face the process of routing a wire to your source of energy. Essentially you’ll be letting your electrical socket dictate where your cameras will go, instead of placing them to offer you the best vantage of your home or business.

Another con with wireless cameras is reliability and quality. Despite wireless camera technology improving at a rapid pace, still it can’t quite give you the high standard and reliability that wired solutions can.

Wired security cameras

For fixed installations, always go wired. Remember that a wireless camera needs electricity. Having to run power cabling means you save nothing in installation complexity. If regulations forces conduit installs, it could be worse in reality.

Is several times more reliable compared to a wireless camera system, the tried and tested wired security camera system provides a top quality video feed and furthermore, as it doesn’t possess wireless interference to handle.

wired security cameras
wired security cameras

Also, you’ll won’t need to bother about finding a power source near your cameras; the wire that is ran to each camera both provides capacity to the camera and relays the recording feed to a secured source of energy and DVR or NVR.

Regarding routing the cables, (which, as we mentioned previously, you’ll have to deal with in any event) it can be a real pain because you’ll need to get into the each of the cracks and crevasses of your property or business to be able to fish them back to a primary source of energy. That is certainly, of course, unless you do have a quality security company in Charleston to help you out.

The Choice

Two of the things you’ll want to find is quality and reliability in the event you need some support using security camera system. If the camera system wasn’t recording or the feed was disrupted, or some other criminal event happens you need some expert from the manufacture to have a look at the system.

wifi security camera system

While there are a few great, innovative wireless security cameras becoming available on the market, there’s just no beating a wired security camera solution in terms of quality and reliability in the end.